You're here because you want to go fly fishing or you want to learn more about fly fishing, and either way I'm your man. I'm Bill, and I'm a fly fishing addict.
Schools and Clinics
Fly fishing is something you do on your day off...it's supposed to be fun, and we aim to keep it that way for you and your fishing friends. Our schools and clinics focus on fun and learning, and your enjoyment and success are our highest priority.

> Private Spey or Single-Handed Casting Instruction
I am a casting "technician", certified by the Federation of Fly Fishers in both single and two-handed rods, and thrive on teaching proper and efficient casting strokes. From 6-1/2 foot 3-weights to 16-foot 10-weights...I love em all and will help you to love yours even more or will help you to find the correct rod for you. I have a full armament of Sage rods for you to play with...test-drive before you buy!

Price: 85/hour for one caster, $125/hour for two casters, $150/hour for three casters, rods, reels, and lines included.
Date: Year-round...call or email me to calendar some time!
Location: American River, in the Sacramento Area.

> Sage Casting Clinic
There is casting and there is fishing, and they are two different things. Under the guidance of an experienced Sage instructor you will learn the art of fly-casting using a variety of Sage performance fly rods. The morning session sets the foundation and is more for the beginner or the, "I haven't cast my fly rod in years" fly fisher. The afternoon session covers more intermediate/advanced techniques for the angler who has casting experience but would like to improve his or her skill. The day is full of customized instruction and is taught either on water or in a lawn-setting. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fly fisherman, Sage casting clinics provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue the sport of a lifetime.

Price: $65 for beginner 3-1/2 hour morning session
$65 for intermediate/advanced 3-1/2 hour afternoon session

Date: Sunday April 13, 2014
Location: Central Coast Fly Fishing, Carmel, CA 831-626-6586

> Sage Trout School
Through this class, you will start with rods in their cases and reels in their pouches, but you will leave with a full understanding of how our fly-fishing gear is assembled, why it is assembled that way, and how to make it all work. Basic entomology and water-reading are also part of this Sage Trout School, which is the perfect one day overview of this wonderful sport of fly fishing. Sage rods, reels, and lines are all included...just sign up, show up, and learn!

Price: $125 for this 8-hour day, lunch not included
Date: Saturday, April 12 - 2014
Location: Central Coast Fly Fishing, Carmel, CA 831-626-6586

> Intermediate Floating Trout Clinic
Sharpen your hooks and don your glasses because you're casting with "live shells" in this on-water clinic. Spend the day learning the different techniques used for trout angling as you and your fellow anglers drift the stretch of river that is your classroom. The clinic will be mostly on foot where you'll learn different dry fly, indicator-nymph, tight-line nymph, swing, and streamer tactics, all of which will be thoroughly discussed and demonstrated, while in close contact with a highly qualified instructor/guide. What a great way to tune up for Trout Season! This eight hour float is a three student per guide class and is limited to a maximum of six students.

Price: $175/angler, rods, reels, and lines are available
Date: Saturday, April 26 or Saturday, May 24 - 2014
Location:Yuba River or the American River, depending on conditions

> Basic Spey Clinic
"Man, look at the size of that rod...I bet you can cast a mile with that thing!?" You will quickly learn, however, that the true beauty of spey casting isn't necessarily how far you can cast, but rather how efficient you can be. Spend the day learning the true effectiveness of spey-rod casting and fishing in the ultimate classroom...the water. Learn a switch cast, a snap-T and a double-spey from either the river-right or river-left direction (and what all these silly terms mean). Cast Sage's complete line of Spey Rods in both the Traditional and European tapers (line-weights 6 through 9) and decide which best fits your style. The class size is limited to no more than six casters, so that you get the one on one attention needed to fully utilize these incredible tools. The class is also open for customized instruction to improve your current spey casting skill level if you have prior experience. Join up with the long-rod gang and see for yourself what all the chatter is about.

Price: $150/angler for this 6-hour clinic, rods, reels, lines included
Dates: Saturday, March 1 and Friday, April 4 -2014
Location: Most classes are taught on the American River

> Intermediate Spey Clinic
So you have the basic gist of how to cast a spey-rod but want more of the, "what the heck do I do with it in a real fishing environment? Then, this is the clinic for you. Mount up in a drift boat with your guide and instructor to hone your spey-casting skills on both river-left and river-right throughout the day. Fully learn and practice both up-stream anchor (Snap-T and Single Spey) and down-stream anchor (Double Spey and Snake Roll) casts as well as line control techniques. This is not an entry-level class but is designed as a spey-fishing tune-up for an up-coming trip or for the angler who wants to further explore spey "fishing" under the watchful eye of an FFF Certified Two-Handed Casting Instructor. Rod-weights of 5 through 9 will be available, as well as the Rio family of spey-lines, including Skagit, Windcutter, and Power Spey lines. The class size is limited to three anglers per boat, and a maximum of six anglers, so that you receive the attention that is needed.

Price: $175/angler, rods, reels, and lines are available
Dates: Sunday, April 27 and Sunday, May 25 - 2014
Location: Yuba River or the American River, depending on conditions

> Spey For Shad Clinic
Here's an opportunity to learn to use a spey rod, or tune up your current spey-casting skills, on shad! We'll meet in the afternoon on the American River, at a good shad run, and work on our spey-casting and swinging with "live shells" in the chamber. I have scheduled this clinic early in the shad run so that you'll be able to head back out and unleash your refined skills for the duration of the shad run, which usually lasts through the first few weeks of July. Class is limited to 6 anglers and spey rods, reels, and lines are included.

Price: $150/angler, rods, reels, and lines are included
Dates: Friday June 6, 2014; 3:00 PM until Dark
Location: American River, Sacramento CA

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