Copyright 2008 Bill Lowe
> A day on the river with Bill is pure joy and fun. His professionalism and knowlege of fly fishing, combined with his friendly demeanor and personal attention, make it a day to remember and repeat! - John Akins

> A day out with Bill is like fishing with a good buddy that has a drift boat and knows what hell he's doing. - Steve Krider

> There are excellent guides who aren't very good teachers. Bill excels at being both. That he makes your time on the water fun is icing on the cake. Just be sure to be upwind of him. - Geoff Malloway

> When I decided I wanted to learn how to fly fish, a video with some guy in a field telling me how easy it is wasn't going to cut it. I wanted to get out on the water and fish. If Brad Pitt can do, damn it I can too! My local fly shop put me in touch with a few guides, and the single best fly fishing decision I have made to date was picking Bill Lowe as my guide.

Bill is fun! I didn't want the stuffing experience of being talked down to. I wanted to go fishing and enjoy it and Bill is master at the art of fun. Oh yeah…and Bill is one the most knowledgeable people that the industry has to offer. From technique to equipment to destinations, Bill is a bounty of information. Over the last 5 years, I have fished multiple guides and I seem to always come back to Bill. I have fished with Bill for 5 years now at least once a month and I have learned how to be self sufficient and now enjoy my solo fishing days in a way I never thought possible. - J.R. Hubbard
> Bill is the most upbeat person I know, plus he is a fabulous teacher. Working with him over the years has resulted in a graduate degree in fly fishing. There is never a bad day on the water with Bill. - Dick Seevers

> Bill Lowe enjoys spey casting and teaching with a passion that must be seen to be believed. -Carlo Bongio, Western Sports Shop, San Rafael